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Introducing RumbleStone Building Blocks
With Pavestone's new RumbleStone building blocks, you can easily create grill enclosures, mailboxes, benches, fire pits and just about any outdoor structure you can imagine. RumbleStone combines a rough, rustic look with the unmatched durability of Pavestone manufactured stone.

Pavestone Paver Installation

Montana Rockworks Thin Veneer
Natural stone thin veneer from Montana Rockworks will add color and variety to your project, whether interior or exterior, at a fraction of the cost of full thickness stone. Real stone provides lasting value and gives a sense of confidence unmatched by artificial or synthetic products.

Montana Rockworks Quarry and Saw Facility Tour
Join OodleBoxTV as they take a look behind the scenes at Montana Rockworks. Visit one of their quarries, then make a trip to the nearby saw facility for an inside look at how natural stone is transformed into thin veneer and packaged for shipment across North America.

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